About Us

We are an equine cookie company, specializing in making natural horse treats with no preservatives. We believe in providing the best for our horses. Our business was inspired by our stallion Calisto. He is the two time jumper champion for the North American Stallion Sport Test. 

All proceeds made from Calisto’s Cookies go towards our fundraising program allowing free educational sessions for kids. We hope to inspire the next generation of horsemen and women and open the door to new opportunities for kids. 

We strive to support our equine community and help multiple organizations where we can. We are sponsors for GDCTA and hope to grow our sponsorship with other organizations.   

Our free education program

We are working to promote free educational programs for kids that are interested in learning about horses. These educational opportunities very from beginner horsemanship to higher detailed education in veterinary science and equine care. We strive to let everyone be involved and bring helpful resources to participants. As mentioned this program is free with the Calisto’s Cookies being one of our fundraising branches. Purchasing our products will help us to continue to provide free education to our future horsemen and women.